Quickies are like fast food not very filling !!!

Quickies are dull and not satisfying if they happen when there is time for more. If there is no time, or a potential to be discovered, I find the desperation of them very exciting.

There is a time for quickies, in the park public places, at parties and either partner can initiate quickies when they need relief. I know ladies, the guy always cums and the female partner just gets messy. Well in my kingdom, when my partner wants to get off, I help her in any way necessary to do so. Sometimes in public places it may be hours of brushing against each other, some hunches in, in general what we call public foreplay. Then when the opportunity presents itself a quickie in a hallway, elevator, stairwell, bathroom, you get the picture and it may only involve oral by either or the full monte. There is something called love making. It involves kissing, hugging, caressing, exploring, foreplay etc. that takes at least four hours if done right. It's all about extreme pleasure for you and your partner!

However, Lovemaking should take many hours, from the anticipation, the first contact, to the cuddling, kissing, the slow and erotic undressing of each other, to tongue baths, to the physical and emotional act. I feel in true lovemaking the pleasure from one partner usually is usually enhanced by the pleasure given to the other when returned. Lovemaking should be paced by the couples desires that day, sometimes fast and hard, other times very soft and slow and everything in between. Quickies are great when you just don't have the time to have an all out marathon sex or if you want it but are just too tired. Quickies are also good when you are in a place where you can get caught and want a quick thrill but still get off. As for how often to have them, just like anything else....too much of one thing is never good.

I love to take my time exploring a woman's body and hitting all her buttons. On the other hand one of the hottest nights I can remember was with someone I had been out drinking and dancing with and well- you know how you end up kissing and rubbing bodies right in the middle of the dance floor sometimes when things get a little passionate. She was all over me in the car and we were sucking heads and groping like crazy in the elevator on the way to her apartment. We hardly had the front door open when I lifted her skirt and did her right there in the entranceway. he was clawing and biting and scratching lie a cat with her legs wrapped around me. I'd have to say we finished in less than 4 minutes. Afterwards we did go back to the bedroom for a marathon session so I'm not sure it counts, but if the night had ended there I would still remember it as one of the hottest fucks I've ever had. Hell, i guess us guys will take it anyway we can get it.

Quickies can be fun. Don't get me wrong I giving and getting good sensual sex but at times. Like when you and your partner have been teasing each other four hours in a place where long sex is not possible. Once my wife and I were at her parents’ house and we were just relentlessly teasing each other when we could. We ended up hopping into her older sisters’ camper for a quick poke and hump. Another time we went to her office on Sunday. We teased each other and then dropped behind her desk for a quick one and just as we got finished and got back up the cleaning people were just coming in. Wonder if they recognized the smile of sex??? So quickies can be fun but so is good sensual sex!