Your sex marathon could be better

So you are in a great relationship with your girlfriend, but you want to know how to turn her on, and how to please her. You don't think there particularly is a problem. You know she enjoys it... During sex is fine, before think could be better. Well, foreplay is a good starting point. And there is a lot you can do to leading up to foreplay. Sort of fore - foreplay. Gentle kisses, leading to a marathon make-out session. Many touching, caressing. Have you tried role-playing, or introducing fantasy? What does she like? What is a fantasy you can fulfill for her? What about watching a porn movie? Let her pick it out, then have her tell you what she likes. And most importantly...Have you asked her what you could do for her? If she likes it shaved, it is best to keep at it. As far as you shaving or trimming, ask her what she likes or wants. And more importantly do what you like best.

Do you encourage her to masturbate? Or do you know why she does not? That is really important, both so she can discover what she likes and for her own pleasure. What about if you asked her to masturbate for you? She can use a conditioning body soap, the liquid kind. And a soft sea sponge, that might get her in the masturbating mood as well! You can use a lot of body lotion or baby oil after every shower and find that keeps most of your parts smooth. Or you could try buying her a vibrator...ask her to go with you to an adult toy store and both of you pick something out. Do you or have you done oral on her...has she ever done this for you...foreplay is very important...nothing like a lot of French kissing,, breast touching, kissing the whole body... so many ways to get here turned on...

This might sound negative to you....but you should accept her body as it is.....if she doesn't want to shave then that’s it. Don't ask her to make changes that she is not comfortable with or does not want to do. If a lover is too pushy with you it could be a reason for turning off the ignition. Serious sex is two people doing something really good between each other no matter how different they are in their ideas about each other. Serious sex is between two "lovers". If you both love each other then you will both respect each others differences and let nature take over. However, if you two are just doing sex for pure lust, then you really do have to work on your "scripts" because then it is about doing it for kicks and perhaps role-play. Like acting, one of you have to be the director and be obeyed. So first of all, think about your relationship. Love or lust? If she is satisfied with your sex life, do you think you are really the one that is not happy?

Might I recommend a book for you and your sex partner. It is called "The Clitoral Truth". It starts out a little sketchy, but keep reading. It talks in great lengths about masturbating and actually has a lot of clinical type facts. I think she might gain some use from it. It also has several masturbating techniques that may prove helpful. I think that working on her orgasm might be a first step. Make sure you talk about it a lot. My guess is if she only "thinks" she has had one, she may not have. One of my favorite was to orgasm is finger play. Lay next to her and take the first two finger of whichever hand is easier and slowly rub them on her clit. Gradually increase the pressure and the intensity, along with the speed. You may want to slip and additional finger inside of her for g-spot stimulation (that book also gives great tips on finding that!). Continue to increase the speed at which your fingers move until she hits that special point.

The vibrator is also a great tool to find that first orgasm. Especially if you are using it on her. The most sensual part of a woman's body is her mind - if you talk to her about sex and her fantasies and find out what creams her twinkie you have it made. With the right type of talk, building the anticipation of sex, and varying your fantasies together you can have the wildest sex of your life. I guarantee that if you turn on her mind she will come and come again - try it whilst she is masturbating I'm sure she will come for you then. Words are really powerful, and sexy words that are unexpected are twice as powerful.